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About Us

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Our Story

Staying with Hostîe is great for travelers looking for a more personalized and authentic experience.
Hostîe Texas Vacation Rentals are managed by local hosts, Lindsey Pleasant. She is passionate about sharing her community with visitors. Guests benefit from Lindsey's local knowledge and insider tips
on where to go and what to do during their stay.

In addition to the personal touch provided by the host, Hostîe Texas Vacation Rental offers a unique and charming accommodations. From cozy cottages to spacious homes, these rentals offer a variety with luxurious amenities such as fully equipped kitchens, outdoor spaces, and concierge services to provide you with a more pleasant stay.

If your looking to enjoy an even more luxurious experience, Hotsîe's Concierge Services offer personalized assistance to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for travelers. These services can include making arrangements for transportation, tours, and reservations, as well as providing information and recommendations for local attractions and activities.

Staying at a Hostîe Texas Vacation Rental can be a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the local culture and make lasting memories on your vacation.

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